Restorative Dentistry

Good health begins with a healthy mouth. At Island East, diagnosing, treating and helping to prevent tooth decay that can lead to cavities is a priority. In addition to fillings, we can provide you with crowns, implant dentistry, removable or permanent...  and removable or permanent bridgework to restore your attractive appearance. We also specialize in recognizing and treating periodontal disease, and performing oral cancer screening.


Cosmetic Dentistry

We understand your smile is an important part of first impressions. That’s why our goal is to give you the brightest and most pleasing smile possible with our fast and painless tooth whitening to remove stains, tooth bonding to repair chipped and cracked teeth, and enamel shaping to help improve the appearance of unevenly spaced teeth.


Oral Surgery

From simple extractions to more complex procedures necessary for periodontal and orthodontic reasons, we provide compassionate, safe and expert treatment for your oral surgery needs.


Preventive Dentistry

Fluoride treatments, sealants, protective coatings on the tooth surfaces, and hygiene instruction enhance the Island East experience and the teeth of our patients – of all ages.